Our Vision

BCB Government Relations, Inc. combines decades of professional lobbying experience with today's technology to provide our clients with the highest level of customized service. Our team of skilled professionals knows the legislative process and how to give our clients' perspective a seat at the table of public policy decision-making in Massachusetts. We are trusted and respected for operating with integrity over the years and our credibility among legislators and executive agency heads is unmatched. This highlights our strength, an ability to work with legislative and executive leaders to develop creative solutions that take into account the myriad variables that come with any legislative or regulatory effort.

BCB Government Relations, Inc. displays a passion for its clients and aggressively pursues their objectives in a respectful and professional manner. Our collaborative and creative approach helps us develop the best and most appropriate course of action and leverages the talents of each member of the team. We provide a full complement of services to make your campaign as effective as possible, not missing a step in the complex legislative process.

BCB Government Relations, Inc. understands the importance of developing plans to achieve our clients’ goals and to measure progress and success. Our strategic planning starts with a deep knowledge of the political environment and the complex legislative process that only comes with years of experience working on challenging and complicated issues. Through these efforts and numerous successes, we have earned a reputation as a top-level firm that stands out as highly professional and competent. We are proud to represent some of the largest corporations in the world and work hard each day to continually improve and vigorously advocate on behalf of our clients. Our clients issues become personal challenges for us and we apply our competitive drive and desire to be the best in everything we do.